Christian Prayer Beads


Christian Prayer Beads

The cross or cruciform symbol is echoed in the four beads around the circle which break up the four sets of weekdays. The number seven in Christian tradition brings to mind the seven days of creation and our earthly week. The number four reminds us of the four gospels, the four directional points of the earth (N, S, E and W) and our four earthly seasons (Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall). The total number of beads, 33, are the number of years Jesus was reported to have walked this earth.

Christian Prayer Beads

The first single INVITATORY bead leads us into God's presence with praise. At the second larger bead one then proceeds right or left around the circle. The four larger or different beads divide the four sets of seven weekdays forming a cruciform across the circle of the rosary. One then continues on around ending, as one began, with the cross.

MODEL PRAYER for Christian Prayer Beads taken from

CROSS: (here we invoke the Triune God)In the name of God the Creator,God the Redeemer, and God the Sustainer. Open my heart to your grace and truth. (BCP, p 305)FIRST BEAD: (invitatory bead - inviting us into the circle of prayer)God is our refuge and strength,a very present help in time of trouble. (Ps. 46:1)CRUCIFORM BEADS: (4 larger/different beads around the circle, separating the 4 sets of ‘weeks’)My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord.My spirit rejoices in God my Savior. (Luke 1:46)THE WEEKS: (4 sets)Come, Lord Jesus, draw us to yourself. (John 12:32)Other suggestions: Many people like to say the Jesus prayer all the way around."Lord, Jesus Christ, Son of the living God, have mercy on me, a sinner".Others have used a favorite hymn like "Breath on me breath of God…."The use of a rosary is a very personal invitation to prayer. Please feel free to make up your own prayers from your favorite Psalms or Scripture. Said aloud, in silence, or in a group, we pray that God will honor our praise and devotion, drawing us into the healing, life-changing Presence. From

Christian Prayer Beads
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There are other prayer models in Praying with Beads, Daily Prayers for the Christian Year.

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Purchase Your Own Christian Prayer Beads!
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Christian Prayer Beads
Personal Prayer

Some people enjoy praying by following set 'routine' prayers. This brings considerable peace to many, however some of us feel more benefit when we pray our own personal prayer. This website describes how to pray the rosary in your own personal way as well as the traditional manner, also. It is easy to follow your own heart with personal prayer for Christian Prayer Beads.

Christian Prayer Beads
Personal Prayer

There is no right or wrong way to engage in Personal Prayer. If there is a rule, it would be to simply follow your heart. You can use the beads differently from day to day if you wish.

A few suggestions to get you started

If you hold the Christian prayer beads in your hand, you will notice that there are two larger beads following the cross. You might decide to repeat the same prayers for these two. Repeating the same prayer twice, while remembering to begin with breaths will help you to gain composure and focus. This is important since most of us have a lot going on, and have trouble focusing. You might even devote deep, cleansing breaths to each of the beads. Consider your personal 'goal' in your prayer, if you have one. Are you praying for someone else, for something specific or something general?

The circular part of the beads are made of 4 groups of 7 smaller beads separated with 3 larger beads. You might devote each smaller bead to a short meaningful prayer, and the larger beads with a different prayer. What prayers speak to you today?

These are just a few suggestions to help guide you. I know people who have several different prayer beads (different sizes and colors) and will choose the beads and prayers that fit them for the day. I think this is a wonderful practice! There are several to choose from in the PrayerBead Store.

This is just one style of prayer beads. There are also hand held prayer beads that have few beads and are easy to carry in your pocket or purse. You may decide to wear a necklace of prayer beads to give you a daily reminder of that prayerful feeling you wish to carry with you.

Experiment and Enjoy!

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